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At PDMA Digital and Technology Limited, our hearts beat with a profound belief in the transformative power of technology

Our Purpose

At PDMA Digital and Technology Limited, our purpose is simple; to lead and deliver a better life through people, digital and tech skills.

We believe technology has the power to change lives for the better, and that’s why we are one of Nigeria’s leading digital and tech institute, offering courses in everything from data analytics, app development, and product management to digital marketing. 

As a hub for talents and businesses, we help every talent and business that comes in contact with us realize their full potential and unleash their inner tech genius. With PDMA Digital and Technology Limited, there is no limit to what can be achieved!

The goal we are committed to achieving is to become an integral success partner to the talents and businesses that come in contact with us and help them harness the power of technology to live a better life.

We make this partnership a reality by:


  • Helping talents (individuals) gain a professional foothold in digital, media, and tech-related fields by providing hands-on training, internships, mentoring, and a thriving community for growth and development.

  • Helping businesses (both small and large) in every industry with corporate digital transformation, brand development, value proposition, and digital marketing strategies and implementation.

Since our inception, we have successfully empowered more than 26,540 individuals and businesses with digital marketing and technology skills, who in turn have created thriving businesses, grown existing businesses, and secured prestigious jobs. These achievements have had an overall positive impact in their various fields.

At PDMA Digital and Technology Limited, we promise a better life, and we aim to deliver. This passion keeps us on our toes, fueling our continuous approach towards research and development of relevant programs; and securing partnerships that foster innovation and sustainable economic growth.

Our Conception and Birth

Our co-founder, as an electronic engineering student at the esteemed University of Nigeria, Nsukka, was inspired by the notion that “the internet is a pot of money” and set out to study it. This was back in 2002 when Google was not yet popular, and was the go-to search engine. With a thirst for knowledge, he dove into the world of the internet and computer communication, laying the foundation for our entry into the digital world.

In 2004, computer penetration in Nigeria was low, particularly in Northern Nigeria. It was then that our co-founder, a youth corper stationed in Kano State, felt compelled to educate people and raise awareness about technology in his country. He became an unofficial member of the first ICT policy drafting committee in Kano, gaining first-hand experience and insights into what was needed and where. He then sought permission to teach people how to use computers for free in government parastatals where computers were bought and deployed but not utilized.

This initiative caught the attention of the NYSC Secretariat, who suggested turning the project into a Community Development Service (CDS) group. In collaboration with an organization in Kano, Volunteers and IT Education (VAITE) was established as an NYSC volunteer group in Kano State. As the initiative gained momentum, we realized that the success of a brand was not solely dependent on the quality of its product or service but on marketing – ensuring that people were aware of the product/service. He recognized the need to help individuals and businesses develop their marketing skills and apply them more effectively. This realization marked the Conception of Premium Digital Marketing Academy (PDMA).

After his NYSC stint, he went on to co-found SYSCOMPTECH with his close friend, Mr. Redemption Anyawu, in 2007. SYSCOMPTECH was responsible for the delivery of internet broadband services across Nigeria.

Later on, as the years went by, he founded Premium Ecommerce Support Services (PESS).

“Running SYSCOMPTECH taught me that the internet was a level playing ground for everyone. I wanted to help Nigerians, who had big dreams, with a platform where they could develop and grow their ideas into companies that would make far-reaching impact. So, in 2016, we founded PESS {Premium Ecommerce Support Services}.”

– Engr. Salvation Alibor

Owing to this feat, free digital marketing trainings were held in order to empower entrepreneurs with the skills needed to dominate their industry.

However, the demand for such skills grew more. So in 2018, Dr. Innocent, seeing this demand, proposed the idea of having a robust digital marketing academy to Engr. Salvation, and they both went on to co-found Premium Digital Marketing Academy (PDMA), Hence the birth of Premium Digital Marketing Academy. 

PDMA became a place where individuals could learn requisite digital skills needed to transform their lives and businesses.

Timelines and Milestones

Focused on empowering individuals and businesses to stay relevant by leveraging digital marketing skills, we began our journey in 2017 with our flagship program – Premium Digital Marketing Academy.

Recognizing the impact of globalization and its implications on the African economic system, we added mini-importation and dropshipping courses to our program. The goal was to equip low-income earners with skills that would give them an edge and keep them at the forefront of the import industry. 

In 2020, we Kicked off our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Collaborating with (Global Wealth System) GWS, we empowered 13,240 individuals with Tech and Digital marketing skills.

Moving forward into 2021, and having understood the need to bridge the existing knowledge gap between institutions and digital marketing, we partnered with universities (Joint Professionals Training and Support (JPTS) and other corporate bodies to provide a platform for the distribution of our courses across Africa. This partnership has led to the training of  over 2800 individuals from Togo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, UAE, Benin Republic, and Nigeria. 

We also Launched our New Business Scouting (NBS) initiative, networking our talent pool with vetted and trusted business partnerships we have built over the years. This lowered the barrier of entry into business for our talent pool and made the process so much easier.

Furthermore, we partnered with organizations such as Xpark 360 Media, Outdoors and Billboards Nigeria, and Artisan Oga needing our pool of talents, and PAU(Pan Atlantic University) in grooming their talents. 

In 2022, we partnered with the Lagos state government ministry of commerce, industry and cooperatives to train and empower 504 persons with digital skills. We also Collaborated with Royal Money Academy to empower National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members with tech and digital marketing skills. So far, 164 corps members have been impacted.

Another partnership in 2022 was with the New Minds Initiative in building a new Nigeria that creates opportunities for everyone to win regardless of backgrounds through the strategic implementation of the New Minds Initiative’s “We are one youth empowerment programwith our key roles being administration, training, mentorship, and capacity building of the participants. 

A major feat in 2022 was our transition from Premium Digital Marketing Academy (PDMA) to PDMA Digital and Technologies Limited. This was done to better provide individuals and organizations with digital marketing and technological skills to continue thriving in the 21st century and beyond.

Timelines and Milestones Site Builder Version 1.0 launched

2012 Site Builder Version 2.0 launched


Userbase Grown To 160+ Countries


Mobile Editor Launched


Free Plan Launched


Online Store Builder Released


Million Webpage Created 1 Multilingual Feature Released



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